Komunitá Santa Marija (FSWS)

Using social permaculture as therapy

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) offers prevention and treatment services in the community and also through residential settings within the fields of addiction, children, families and communities.

The Foundation is a catalyst for change and development in the social welfare sector in Malta, consistent with the real and emerging needs of children, families and the community in order to avoid social exclusion.

Within FSWS, Aġenzija Sedqa provides service in health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to persons with drug and/or alcohol problems and other similar conditions, and to their families, so as to help them live a stable life and to integrate better in society. Aġenzija Sedqa runs Komunitá Santa Marija, a residential rehabilitation programme aimed at supporting individuals work on their addiction difficulties where, since 2019, Inteko has been coordinating the gradual integration of permaculture principles within the same programme.

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