OUR mission

We aim to build a network of communities that embody Integral Ecology in their lifestyle.

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SOAR Sjaf Inteko

Inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical 'Laudato Si', Inteko endeavours to sow the seeds of a new civilisation founded on its core values:

Responding to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.
Living ecological economics through a simple lifestyle.
Promoting ecological education.
Inspiring by an ecological spirituality.
Embodying community involvement and participatory action.
Our Services

We believe in the power of education but we get our hands dirty too

Formational Courses

Our courses are designed to inspire and empower participants in taking a stand on sustainability, both in their personal lives and in their communities, with Integral Ecology at the heart of all that we teach.

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Outreach Projects

Equipped with the foundations laid in our formative courses, we put what we teach in practice by involving ourselves in various initiatives. From reaching out to youth in schools to the vulnerable.

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See how we are making a difference


Inteko is assisting SOAR SJAF to rehabilitate an abandoned backyard. This will serve SOAR members to reconnect with nature as part of their healing programme, and to also support vulnerable families with the produce in the future.

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SOAR Sjaf inteko

“We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude for the support given by Fr. Mark Ciantar from Inteko, for his very informative advise on our green areas”

SOAR Sjaf inteko

"In Malta, we have just started piloting the training together with Inteko in collaboration with two local organisations: Aġenzija Sapport  and Sedqa Malta, to train their staff on the use of social permaculture practices and activities in the work with their communities."

Social PEAS

Inteko is collaborating with Friends of the Earth Malta in the development of a curriculum aimed at giving permaculture training to people working with vulnerable adults. The programme will enable them to increase their knowledge and competencies to be able to use tools from social permaculture and nature therapy for improvement of well-being and social resilience while taking care of the environment.

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