Dar Frate Jacoba

A humble start in the south of Malta that grew into a successful experiment

In 2007, Mark's involvement in ministry to youth experiencing social difficulties led him to co-found ‘Dar Frate Jacoba’ in Marsascala, a community that hosted such youth in a permaculture set-up. It was here that – practicing farming – he learned the value of sustainable agricultural practices not only for the well-being of our Planet, but also for the holistic healing of the human person. Around 4,000 square metres of underutilised and ‘abused’ agricultural land were gradually transformed into a permaculture plot, wherein crops grown sustained a community of 7 (including hosted vulnerable adolescents) and frequent fund-raising activities. Surplus crops were processed by an established team of volunteers and sold to support the sustainability of the agricultural project. The whole set-up was meant to create a therapeutic space for residents and visitors alike. The project is run by Youth Alive Foundation.

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